Wednesday, December 20, 2006

the vomitorium

eli has been up all night with vomiting and diarherra. ug. he kept deanna and i up all night. well, mostly deanna, i did sleep an hour and a half or so.

to add insult to injury, rocky, the dalmation heretofor known as chunky mc eatsalot, ate a whole pound of peanut m&m's. he nabbed the bag off the computer desk (i don't know what it could've been there for...). that was after eating a half loaf of bread and a half pound of salami the day before. chunky then spewed the entire lot of it onto the couch and the new area rug in the living room, just as i was getting ready to leave for work.

when i called my coworker jim to tell him i'd be, uh, a touch late, and explained to him what happened, he quickly coined my home the vomitorium.

thanks, jim. all humor truly is based on tragedy.


dms said...

You need to get some youtube of dog races. Looking at all those greyhounds will give your dog an eating disorder and should drop half its weight in a month.

TK said...

they are on a diet, which is why they are so desperate for food. all of them have dropped weight, and even rudy is skinny now. but rocky's weigh has stabilized because he keeps nabbing big chunks of people food.