Tuesday, December 12, 2006

grease monkey action

so the grease monkey action has begun on the mustang. my recent ebay antics have been a vehicle to finance purchases FOR my vehicle. here we see the upper intake plenums, stock on the left, aftermarket C&L RPM plenum on the right. this part directs the airflow from the throttle body into the lower intake. it's commonly called an elbow, becaust air bends 90 degrees from the opening in the left and goes straight down into the lower intake. the stock elbow is narrow and forces the air to make a sharp turn downward. the RPM has a higher ceiling, a smoother bend, and has a larger inner diameter. a cheap way to increase airflow.
here it is installed. all said and done, 22 minutes. the throttle body is also being replaced (it is shown here on the left, the last aluminum part attached to the rubber intake plumbing) but the new one wasn't here when i started the projec this morning....the ups driver arrived with it just as i was reconnecting the battery. figures. that's ok, it'll only take about 15 minutes to install.
on the docket: exhaust and lower gearing...the stock gearing, 3.27, is such that the car only turns 1800 rpm on the highway. obviously milage biased. the new gears, 4.10's, will be spicey. of course, i will install the exhaust myself, but someone with real skill will be required to install the gears.

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