Monday, January 14, 2019

Stair Club - Viva Club d'Escalier !

The snow did a huge number on the stairs. It's Monday night, though, and that means Stair Club.  That meant the snow had to go.  The beautiful Mrs K and I came, we saw snow and ice, and we went to work.  Yes, that's 60 steps plus two landings as well as the entrances at top and bottom.  I shoveled, she swept.  She broke the broom.
We whipped the snow and ice.  It never had a chance.  We put our OCD heads together and got the job done so we could continue our streak of Stair Club appearances.
We are old and feeble and we could easily break a hip on slick stairs, so we took it down to about 90 percent.  Ah, I'm kidding.  We ran fast and took a selfie afterward.  Yes, that's a light on her stocking hat. Viva Club d'Escalier!

Blizzards in St. Louis - A little snow goes a long way

Snow in St. Louis is a disaster.  It doesn't matter how much.  Just a bit of snow turns out to be a disaster and it's been that way for my 51 years.  It started snowing with some fury Friday afternoon and got pretty bad by quitting time.  So instead of getting into the scrum, I hung out at the warehouse and did some snow shoveling.  More on that later.
It turns out that waiting around in the valley for the traffic to die down and the roads to clear was a mistake.  It just got worse.  If you've ever driven around in the valley, you know it's a valley...every road goes up and it's pandemonium when it snows.  So I hung around even longer.  I went to Walmart.  I ate at Panda, which was packed because so many places were closing because of the weather.  Finally, I went west and drove out to St. Charles, up north, and then down south to get home.  It was a move I should have  made hours earlier.  I only got stuck on my own street, 50 miles later.  My thoughtful neighbors and my family dug me out and I got the Focus into the driveway safely.  Whew.
The weekend was spent inside.  A lot of inside time.  Me and Mrs K cleaned the kitchen and I came across this beauty on top of the cabinets.  It weighs about 15 pounds.  I remember this day pretty well, it was an mtb race at Spanish Lake.  A little TLC and it looks good as new, which is really industrial.
After another trip out to the valley on Sunday to finish shoveling the snow at the warehouse, we did more housework.  A big thing was getting the Christmas tree down.  A very funny side story is the cramming of the tree into it's original box.  It's comical.  There ain't no way that thing is going to fit in this box.  But somehow, every year it goes back in.  Zip ties and duct tape hold it together.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Gate Practice Video - 2019

Boys and girls, don't use this as a how-to video.  There are way better ways to learn to get a kick ass gate start than to watch this old guy.  Rather, take solace in the fact that if you're in your teens, you've got decades of joy to do the things you love.

2019 - 40 years of Racing and Complaining about it

Mostly, this blog has been about a lot of things other than racing.  It's just a nice milestone to reach: 40 years since 1979, when I started racing bike.  Day to day, there are a LOT of things that have nothing to do with bike racing.  Such as Rex here. This majestic looking mutt loves the outdoors and absolutely loved hiking Greensfelder with Deanna yesterday.
Tyson is NOT a car mechanic.  But he's not afraid to get his hands dirty and he changed an outer tie rod end.  Even the best mechanics start somewhere.
There are times where improvisation works.  On the day that Eli lost his jersey and had a game to play, duct tape was precisely the improvisation we needed.  They won the game, too.
I wish this was the only time I was up on a ladder this past weekend.  Hanging pictures on an 8 foot ladder was child's play in comparison to hefting a 27 foot ladder up to the gutters of my house.  Mrs K and I were struggling with that one.  There are NO photos of that, thank god.
 I just put this picture of Hanna up here because.
 The beautiful Mrs K and I.
 Gate practice with the boys in Lake St. Louis.  These old dudes are good.

And just because.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

From Such Heights

What is the beautiful Mrs K doing down there?  Being my super domestique, guiding me as I drove the lift through the office and out of doors to replace a very, very high light bulb.  That's a cute hoodie, don't you think?
And there I am, the guy that is afraid of heights.  I was taking the world's biggest light bulb out of it's fixture.  It ain't like changin' a bulb in your bathroom, folks.
I am absolutely afraid of heights.  But I have worked with this lift quite a bit and I have faith in it's sturdiness.  The wind, rain, and general dreariness of the day did give me pause as I thought that it would be a terrible day to plunge to my death.  Please, universe, if I ever die while doing dumb things at silly heights, let it be a nice sunny day.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

It's the Little Things

As many of you know, I started a new job in June.  Friday, I realized that I have managed to keep the same two pins I was given on my first day.  I thought that was noteworthy given my track record of keeping track of anything smaller than my bicycle.
Not so awesome:  my inability to park.  I've always been an horrific parker.  My Focus is so small, yet I can't park it evenly between the lines.  This befuddles me.  Baffling, really.  Every day I can look out the office window and see my handiwork.  It does bring a smile to my face, but it's also a reminder to me that I'm not nearly as cool as I think I am.

I slept at a Holiday Inn Express

 I kept thinking there ought to be a light right there....
 ....and so it was.
 It's a shame when a door ruins a really nice wood floor.
 It's also a shame when said door is 200 pounds or so.  And your alone.  But, I'm strong like bull.
 It's kind of a shame, too, when you don't want a door there.  A bigger shame when the doorway is not completely square, nor are the dimensions conventional.  But I had wood, screws, saws, hammers, drills and determination.
But someone else had the real skill and finished the job up nicely.

A Trip to Chicago

We took Hanna and Eli to Chicago for a fun weekend, sort of celebrating Hanna's transition to college.  The first things we did were quite tourist-ee, but who can resist this enormous Farris Wheel??
 Just so you get the idea of how big this thing is, that's Hanna, Deanna, and Eli standing at the bottom of the thing.
It was hot.  We went to the beach to check out Lake Michigan.  The water was chilly but really, really refreshing.  Lots of people, too.
 Boats love Chicago and Lake Michigan.  There were SO MANY boats!
 Chicago has it's version of the Lime bike.  It's called Divvy.  Meh.
After hundreds of miles of walking, we came here, super close to the venue where Lalapalooza was going on.  Ok, maybe it was like ten miles of walking. 
 Then, there was the bean.
 And we took our picture in the bean.
 Lots more tourist-ee things the next day on Michigan Avenue.
 A ton of these lighthouse displays on the curb.  If you love lighthouses, it was a great chance to see them decorated in so many different ways.
 The Nike store was pretty cool.
 The Underarmour store had this big shirt.
 We went up into some really, really tall building.  It took like three hours total.  The view was pretty spectacular, though.
 Chicago is a big city.
 I became fascinated with the building-top pools.
 And more pools.
 That old building in the center of the photo?  It was in Transformers "Dark of the Moon."  It's the building that Sentinel Prime placed the pillars on to bring ruin to Earth.  It's a lot smaller in real life, but I looked for this darn building the entire trip.
Me, standing in front of skate boards in the Nike store.  I've never ridden a skate board, but it's not a bad photo so let's go with it.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Serious Off-Roding on the Road

 I was pleased to drive this monster around a bit today.  Monster is kind of a misnomer because it drives like a pussy cat on the road.  The interior is really nice and the steering wheel is something I'd love to have in a Mustang.  It's only a monster when you ask it to perform like it's creators intended.  I don't know anything about that, but it's widely reviewed as the most fun you can have with your clothes on, so to speak.  And it looks mean, which means other F150 drivers look at you with envy.
 Yeah, just the name makes you want to take it to Baja.
This is the control room.  450 horsepower and 510 lb/ft of torque at your fingertips.  Or the tip of your shoe, really.  With an aluminum body and bed, it's hundreds of pounds lighter for 2018 as well.  Hauling ass, indeed.

Sunday, July 08, 2018

A Cobra Feast for the Eyes

I attended a recent get-together with the Gateway Cobra Club.  The variety of designs and builds was impressive.  These are no longer the "kit cars" that people talk about.  These are purpose built from the ground up to match a person's style and taste.  Just wow!