Monday, December 07, 2015

Cyclocross at St. Vincent Park - Revenge for 2013

 "Why am I going to go so fast from the gun...AGAIN?"
 Pulling up for the ditch reminded me of riding my BMX bike.
 At times, I felt almost as fast as this photo makes me look.  Almost.
St. Vincent Park is a crap shoot.  It's been hot and dusty and cold, icy, and muddy.  Regardless, it's always one of the more technical and mountain bike friendly courses.  In December of 2013, I broke my leg on the icy stuff.  Huge bummer.  Yesterday, however, it was only cold and a little damp.  The course held true to it's technical nature and I pulled a solid 3rd out of the deal.  There was some attrition, so I'm not kidding myself that I could have very well ended up 6th instead, but I had a fighting chance with the more difficult course.  I was going flat in the front tire region for the last lap and a half, and the rain was falling harder, so it was even more satisfying.  Without doing the state championship race next weekend in Columbia, Missouri, I am solidly in the top ten point standings for the Bubba series.  I will probably get knocked out since I'm not going, but it's nice to be there at this point in the season anyway.

Thanks to Mike Dawson for standing in the damp and cold to take photos of the weekend warriors!