Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Car Watching - Ferrari 360 Spider

 What did my eyes spy one evening last week ?  Why, it's a Ferrari, of course.  A 360 Spider.  Hard to believe that this car is 10+ years old.
 This gorgeous 400 horsepower attention-getter can go 180mph...just what you need to dry your hair with the top down.  The owner of this beauty has a 1980's sense of humor, too.  Where are Crockett and Tubbs when you need them??
I had to get another shot of Ferrari's V8 car with Big Shark's V8 in the background....because both are incredible chick magnets!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Council Bluff and the Spiders

 I took the chance on the beautiful Friday to drive down to Council Bluff Lake to ride the trails.  I arrived a bit before 11am and it was pretty much a ghost town.
 This time, I remembered cash and payed my fee with dollars instead of change, like last time.
The trail itself was in much better shape and I knocked off more than 5 minutes from my Burnin' Race Loop time versus last time I was here.  Look closely at this photo, though.  You'll see my huge frustration with this trip:  spiders.  Well, not exactly the spiders themselves.  The webs.  If I told you I had a thousand webs cover my face while I was riding, it's probably low-balling the total.  There were more spider webs than I have ever encountered riding mountain bike trails.  I must say at times there were spiders hanging from my helmet, my arms, my clothes, and my legs.  Now...I'm not particularly bugged by spiders, but I am not a big fan of them.  And no-way-no-how am I a fan of them hanging all over my body while I'm trying to negotiate rocks and logs and turns.  I was so creeped out and itchy when I got done that I took a bit of a shower at one of the faucets at the camp site.

Car Watching - Noble M400

 I keep saying that Chesterfield is a great place to spot really cool cars.  Today's example is a Noble M400.  From the land that brought us fish and chips, the Noble is a mid-engined car that takes advantage of all that the world market can bring.  Namely, it puts a Ford 3 liter Duratec engine behind the seats.
 But it's not your dad's Duratec.  It has hotter cams...and two turbos.  And a ridiculously tall wing.
Those twin turbos give the wild little M400 more than 400 horsepower.  What's that, you say?  Lots of cars have 400 horsepower these days?  Sure.  But what do those cars weigh?  My guess is that they weigh a lot more than 2400 pounds, which is what the Noble weighs.  Do the math on that.  Zoom, zoom indeed.