Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cousin Max and his Basketball Shenanigans

 Max is the red headed kid in the middle looking to the left of the photo.  Darn fine young man.

Sometimes watching the 10 year olds play basketball can be tough.  They are short, for one thing, and for another they haven't learned to leave the ground yet.  But, Tyson and his basketball team still have the same heart as a pro team, regardless of the diminished air time.

The 13 year olds are a different story.  Cousin Max and his team have done exceedingly well this year, and Saturday night I watched them play a championship game (the first time I have seen them play).  They are really fun to watch!  There are no slam dunks or anything silly like that, but there ARE crazy breakaways and steals and non-stop action, especially once the teams are boiled down to the championship level.

We cheered, we groaned, we shouted, we chanted, and ultimately, they pulled through and won the game.  It was all about heart, I think.  The other team seemed to have skills, but Max's team hustled and hustled at every opportunity.  It was a great time and we left the gym feeling very proud of Max and his team.

--------and I don't even like basketball.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Random photos from the old cell phone

 It's an awesome treat to pick up an old cell phone and page through some of the photos on it.  I found some good ones.  First, the beautiful Mrs K.
 Hanna banana in full volleyball attire.
 The little guy and I sharing a moment before he has to go to school.
 The little guys first ride without training wheels.  Glad I found this one!
 Some random rainbow photo from the shop in Chesterfield.
 Rosco, wearing his bladder control device (read: doggy diaper) last summer after his surgery. 
 Hanna and Tyson sharing a moment.
 Tyson doing...well, doing a Tyson.
 Eli after losing his first tooth.
Eli's first lost tooth!

USA Cycling Racing License, 2012

Say what you will about USA Cycling...I renewed my license online on Tuesday afternoon and this bad boy arrived on Saturday.  Incredible.  Almost as incredible as the "Member Since" field.  1993?  Actually, it's wrong.  I got my first USCF license in March of 1990, but, I let it expire and didn't renew until 1993.  That was when NORBA and USCF were separate entities.  Well, here we go again.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's almost the middle of March, I'm almost 45

March brings with it a lot of important things.  Spring breaks for the kids, the weather usually changes for the better, racing starts, and I have another birthday.

I'll be 45 years old this month.  That is some serious mileage on the old platform.  While I always welcome another year, I am feeling the years and mileage more than I ever have.  There are challenges that I have never had before and to be honest I am worried.  Well...I always worry, thanks to the queen of all worry warts, my mom.  This is more than Mom's gift of dynamic worrying, however.  It's real and I feel every hour of my age each day.  Good thing I'm not going on 90 because that would be a LOT of worrying.

Our Tour De France trip is not going to happen this year.  As excited as we were about this once in a lifetime vacation, things just ganged up on us and we're not going.  Of course, we will make the best of the situation and try for a different kind of holiday, one that will include our kids.  What sort of parents would we be if we didn't take them on a horrendous family vacation?

Good things?  Yes.  My lovely wife is doing her thing for US Bank.  She is an excellent example of someone who cares about her job and her clients.  I wouldn't hesitate to tell any of you to see her with your investment needs.  My job with Big Shark West is just amazing.  It's quite simply the best job and job experience I have ever had.  I highly recommend that everyone work at a job they love if the opportunity presents itself.  Hanna is playing USAV volleyball and has made major improvements this year.  Her overhand serve rocks, yeah baby!  Tyson is playing basketball, and while he may be small, he can rock that court.  Today's game put their team in a tie for first place in their division.   And Eli just made Power Math at school.

Whatever happens in life, you have to hold on to the good things.  Because they are there.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Four Cylinders Too Many?

Yeah...So it seems that a friend of mine, who is a long time stalwart of 4 cylinder cars, has crossed over to the dark side.  Seems that he got all ate up over the power.  Or something.

It's OK Ryan.  I'll baby sit the car for you when you go out of town.