Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cousin Max and his Basketball Shenanigans

 Max is the red headed kid in the middle looking to the left of the photo.  Darn fine young man.

Sometimes watching the 10 year olds play basketball can be tough.  They are short, for one thing, and for another they haven't learned to leave the ground yet.  But, Tyson and his basketball team still have the same heart as a pro team, regardless of the diminished air time.

The 13 year olds are a different story.  Cousin Max and his team have done exceedingly well this year, and Saturday night I watched them play a championship game (the first time I have seen them play).  They are really fun to watch!  There are no slam dunks or anything silly like that, but there ARE crazy breakaways and steals and non-stop action, especially once the teams are boiled down to the championship level.

We cheered, we groaned, we shouted, we chanted, and ultimately, they pulled through and won the game.  It was all about heart, I think.  The other team seemed to have skills, but Max's team hustled and hustled at every opportunity.  It was a great time and we left the gym feeling very proud of Max and his team.

--------and I don't even like basketball.

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