Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cyclocross, the only way I know how

My 'cross season in 2011 immediately took a turn for the better when I started using my lightweight hardtail instead of a cross bike.  A number of factors probably contribute to this, but the biggest one is the fact that I ride a mountain bike better than I ride a 'cross bike.

So for the 2012 'cross season, I'm going deeper with the super light weight 29er hardtail.  This time around, it's a Felt Nine Race aluminum bike with a carbon fork and mostly XTR 2x10 components, with a bit of Dura Ace thrown in.  I'm doing Stan's Crest wheels with Geax Barro Race tires.  All told, I'm about a pound and a half lighter this year than last, somewhere around 19 pounds total.  That's lighter than plenty of the 'cross bikes, so there won't be any excuses, not that I need any excuses to lose badly.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Last Day of Kindergarten for Eli

 This was Eli on Thursday, his last day of Kindergarten.
And this was Eli last August, on his first day of Kindergarten. 

They grow up so fast.  He loves school and his teachers and fellow students love him.  We can't wait for First Grade.  Great job, big guy!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dashing little guys, huh?

Last weekend for Mother's Day, we took the beautiful Mrs. K to Aya Sophia.  It was a wonderful morning.  The boys looked quite fetching.  Yes, that's apple juice they are drinking.  Tyson was a bit too cool for my photo and kept his sunglasses on.

Mountain Biking is moving right along

Last weekend at Greensfelder, I had a great race.  I love that course, and things just fell into place.  I got second place overall in the Cat 1 race, although it was a distant second.  Today I raced at Broemmelsiek and came up with the same result...second overall.  But today involved a lot more suffering.  90 degrees with a course that doesn't give any time to rest...yep, that'll kill me.  I feel some fitness coming along, and my technical riding is making me happy.  I could get used to having some extra spending money, too!

Thanks to the crew for putting on a great race today!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

New 29er Wheels from Mavic

Mavic's first try at a nice 29er wheelset was a bit below the mark.  The Mavic rep stopped by the other day and showed us the new line-up.  There are three, from downright reasonable to downright bling-tastic.  The photo is the top of the line model, new from the ground up.  Light, stiff, durable.  They accommodate all axles front and rear.  Real UST.  1600 grams or so.  Yep, a grand out of your pocket.

Unique Medals at the Greensfelder Challenge

It's pretty common for medals to be given out at mountain bike races.  Usually, they are pretty standard.  The guys that put on the Greensfelder Challenge went a different route for the medals and came up with something really unique.  After talking to Bob Arnold, I can see why normally we get pretty basic medals.  He was saying that every little design feature costs extra money.   A close look at these puppies tells you that they must have cost quite a bit extra.  I know, it's "only a medal" to some people.  But I appreciate them.

Cool Dude Hair

We were getting crazy with the hair gel one morning before school and this is what happened.