Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Goofball Dog

Every day I get onto the floor in my bedroom and stretch the old body.  Rex is usually on my bed when I do this.  He creeps over to the edge of the bed to watch me.  I tell him, "LAY DOWN!" so that he won't pounce on top of me...all 50 pounds of goofball dog flopping down on me hurts.  In this photo, he is growling and moaning, trying SO hard not to do it.  He wants to come crashing down so badly, but he knows he will get in trouble.  He almost NEVER holds himself back very long, and moments after I took this, he flopped on top of me.

Heavy Rain is no Joke

I wish this photo did the sky more justice.  It was so black to the left that it looked like night, and it was 6:30pm on Sunday night coming north on highway 55.  Soon, I was driving in rain so hard that I could not even see the shoulders.  I wanted to pull off, but I could not see where to pull off.  I could only faintly see the tail lights in front of me, as we slowed to 35mph.  Scary.

Burning Cutlass in Pevely

 Hanna and I stopped at McDonald's on our way through Pevely on Sunday.  As we left the drive thru, we saw this poor old Oldsmobile Cutlass engulfed in flames.  It was quite the sight.  It was mere minutes from the time we drove though until this point.  You can see that the windshield is melting.  Both doors are open and flames are rushing out, along with very black smoke.
Another view as we drove back by moments later.  You can see the interior spilling, melting, whatever, out onto the pavement.  No sirens, no firetrucks or cops yet. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hanna and Grandma get their Glamor on!

Hanna and Grandma Zimmer looking quite glamorous.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day, I am Loved

This is the wonderful array of gifts I received on Father's Day.  It was master minded by my one and only daughter and the boys got the assist.  Those root beer bottles in the back were filled with the different variety of M&M's.  The Book is an incredible scrap book of our family's life.  The hand prints are Eli's.  Hanna and Tyson are in the "I Love You" photos.  Who gets this sort of thing?  I do.  I love you, boys and girl.

Eli finally gets a proper haircut, psuedo Mohawk

Soooo nice to see Eli get a real haircut.  He's been adamant about having his hair long and bushy like cousin Max.  The beautiful Mrs K not only convinced him to get it cut, but it's cut so we can style it in a Mohawk of sorts.  He's a handsome little devil.

Hanna is looking good, not giving me "The Face"

A lot of my photos of Hanna lately has her giving me a funny face.  It was nice to catch her with a smile.

1969 Mustang Mach I Cobra Jet

 Huge variety of cars flow through Chesterfield Valley every day.  This is one of my favorite cars, and it was nice to see such a beautiful example.  1969 Mustang Mach I Cobra Jet.
 It had a shaker hood.  The paint was really nice, too.
It had the louvers for the rear window and the styled steel wheels.  Didn't look inside to see if it was an auto or a manual.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Batting Practice is Hard

Anybody who doesn't hit a lot of baseballs is kidding themselves if they think it's just as easy as stepping up and swinging.  Tyson was hitting balls in the 65mph cage today, and Eli said "I can hit better than you, Dad".  Well, I didn't think that a 7 year old could hit better than I, but I watched Tyson hitting pretty well and I knew that I couldn't do that.  But, I bought a token anyway and was proved correct.  I hit 4 out of the 14 pitches, only 2 of them with any authority.  Lesson learned.  It's hard to hit baseballs.

Santa Cruz SuperLight 29er

I've been having a blast aboard the budget minded Santa Cruz Superlight 29'er.  Perfect bike for those without a fist full of cash.  Thanks, Santa Cruz!

Ancient Subaru is perfect size for Eli

We went to the Webster Art Fair last Sunday.  The rain had chased most people away by the afternoon, but we were still able to see some cool stuff.  One odd thing on display was this 1972 (I think) Subaru.  It was the perfect size for a 7 year old.  Cool suicide doors and the engine was in the back.  Look closely at the photo and you can see Tyson photobombing from the other side of the car.

Cool room rehab

This is the third time we've rehabbed Hanna's room.  This is my favorite.  That is my desk from when I was in high school.  Same chair, too.  I am, however, beginning to question why her room has been painted three times since we moved here in 2006, and my room hasn't been painted once.  Hmmmm....

Audi is the brand for illicit affairs??

Can't make this stuff up.  The fact that someone tracks this kind of behavior is almost as bizarre as the behavior itself.

Audi overtakes BMW as adulterers favorite car brand??

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Tornado Helmets

We heard on the news somewhere that it would be a good idea to wear a helmet in the event of a tornado.  We got our chance to test out this idea on Friday night.  Warning sirens wailed three different times, and each time we ran to the basement with our helmets and waited, helmets on.  The beautiful Mrs K had her helmet on too, but refused to be photographed.  Next time it happens, I'm doing a full photo expose on her and her helmet.

Carnival Fun

 Every year we go to this carnival by our house.  Eli has grown up going to this thing, and now he can ride any of the rides by himself.  He chose the swings first, and he started chatting up the girl next to him right away.  They talked the entire ride.  She had to be about 13 years old.  Atta boy.
 He found cousin Gus and they rode a few rides together.  It's always more fun with friends.
More rides, more fun.  Good stuff.

Tearing up the dance floor

If Eli gets anywhere near a dance floor, he turns into a different kid.  Sort of like Jekyll and Hyde.  In a good way, of course.

Handsome Men all Dressed Up

Grandpa, Gus and Tyson at a recent event.  I was fortunate enough to catch Tyson without a scowl on his face!

Love My Photobombs

When she is not making funny faces to leave on my phone, she really is a beauty.