Friday, August 21, 2015

Growing Kids!

 My oldest and prettiest is a Sophomore this year.  She acts like a COLLEGE Sophomore, but it's high school.  This beauty is playing volleyball again, and yes, she has a driver's permit.
 Tyson doesn't like having his picture taken, so it's rare to catch him with anything except a scowl on his face.  He's getting pretty tall, and he's playing baseball and soccer as a Freshman in high school.  No, he does NOT drive yet.
 Eli.  What can be said about Eli that hasn't already been said?  He's going into 4th grade and his fashion sense is without question.  In a Kakouris tradition, there is a dog peering out of the window on the first day of school.
This little dude plays baseball and basketball.  Kinda funny to see kids this size heave the ball at the basket, but they really try hard.  I'd love to have those shoes in my size!