Monday, July 30, 2012

Small Noisy Animal

I stepped out of the shower yesterday, dried off, and began to groom myself for the day when I heard a loud rumbling noise.  I paused a second and tried to figure out what it was.  Did something get caught in the dishwasher?  I stepped out of the bathroom and saw Rosco, spread-eagled on the floor, snoring SO loud.  So I took a photo.  If I knew how to use the video function on this phone, you would be able to hear what I heard.  As it is, you'll just have to imagine this little dude sawing BIG logs.

Eli and All Star Baseball

Eli finished his baseball season the other day with the All Star game.  He's gotten really good at hitting, both coach-pitch and machine-pitch.  Proud of you little guy.

Vintage Big Shark T Shirt

This is one of my favorite Big Shark Logos during the many years of cool logos.  We need to bring sexy back and print more of these! 

Many thanks to Kirk Ranson.  You rock.

Hills with the Boys (Men)

Way back when, because I love climbing on my road bike so much, I used to do many of the killer road down in Jefferson County and Franklin County.

In fact, I used to live in Fenton, about a mile from the Pink Elephant.  A weekly ride used to be out to the covered bridge on Old Lemay Ferry.

After riding with men like Andy Hunsaker and Chris Ploch on those same roads yesterday, I realized that I used to be a good climber.  Now, I simply make it up the hills.  No more than completing them.  And I realized that guys with big, strong legs are hard to stay with.  And riding in the rain is pretty fun when it's warm.  We rode for 3 hours in the rain and it was darn cool.

Only wish I was in better shape to enjoy it.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Photos of our Kids

 Flannery Allison has done such a stellar job of capturing our beloved little ones on camera.  Eli looks so darn happy in this one.
 I love how she has caught the ball just leaving Tyson's hand.  This one is good enough for a coach to analyze his pitching skills!
And of course, she can extract the beauty of our little princess Hanna.  Underwater, no less!

The not-so-little Slugger

 Saturday was another big game for Eli and his team.  They are now into machine pitch, and some of the kids had a rough time.  But most of the Giants were doing just fine.
 Eli lines it up.  He whacked it good this time around!
Team photo time.  Eli was more pleased than the others about this.

The Nap Expert

This dude can search out softness anywhere, anytime...and get a helluva nap going.  Hats off, Rosco!