Monday, July 30, 2012

Hills with the Boys (Men)

Way back when, because I love climbing on my road bike so much, I used to do many of the killer road down in Jefferson County and Franklin County.

In fact, I used to live in Fenton, about a mile from the Pink Elephant.  A weekly ride used to be out to the covered bridge on Old Lemay Ferry.

After riding with men like Andy Hunsaker and Chris Ploch on those same roads yesterday, I realized that I used to be a good climber.  Now, I simply make it up the hills.  No more than completing them.  And I realized that guys with big, strong legs are hard to stay with.  And riding in the rain is pretty fun when it's warm.  We rode for 3 hours in the rain and it was darn cool.

Only wish I was in better shape to enjoy it.

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