Friday, May 24, 2013

The Face

Hanna and her friends have this thing called "The Face".  You can see pretty much what it is in this photo.  It's a hideously distorted smile.  Pitty Hanna doesn't have her best "Face" going, but her friends do.  It's hard for me to get a photo of her now where she isn't doing it. you go, Hanna!  Enjoy!  :)

1964 Thunderbird

Spied this 64 Thunderbird in Affton the other night.  Not perfect, but an excellent daily driver.  Such incredibly cool styling.  Long, but very low, and the greenhouse is really classy looking.  I would love to own one.

Dutchtown Kids Race

Eli, hanging with the girls after his big race win at Dutchtown.  He's flashing the horns because he's also a closet rocker.

Photo Bombs

This is the nice photo I had on my phone after I was done racing Sunday.  There were many, many more that I could have posted...goofy faces, mostly.  I don't think she would have liked for me to post the worst of them.  So, here is my big, green-eyed beauty.