Saturday, October 31, 2009

halloween at our house

first, there was the little halloween get together at the house for the kids on tyson's soccer team. eli and his friend izzy aren't on the team, but they were invited anyway. aren't they cute? what do you think about the rubber fireman boots that spidey has on? a better choice than the bob the builder work boots? is spidey a little schizophrenic concerning his footwear??

here are some of the boys on the team. a motley crew, aren't they? how'd the little guy get in this photo, too??

later on during the real trick or treating, we went through a neighborhood haunted house. really, a guy turned his garage into a mini haunted house, including smoke machine and scary fake human limbs on the walls.

hanna, enjoying some of the fruits of her labor. i think that's a hershey bar that she's nursing. she wore the beautiful mrs k's high school jazz recital dress. it was cool!

the beautiful mrs k huddling with the boys. i think she's concealing some chocolaty goodness in her mouth. tyson actually wore croc's with his ninja outfit. i don't think ninjas wear croc's at all, but i am also doubting that spiderman wears jammies underneath the spidey suit, too.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

halloween party at preschool

dad, i'm soooo excited about the halloween party at preschool today! i'm just giddy!
did you hear me? did you hear me, dad? i'm pumped, totally pumped! beefcake!
ok, i'm going in. never mind the work never know when spiderman might have to drive a front loader or backhoe. c'mon!
i just think it's so hot that i'm surrounded by all of the hot chicks in costumes. they all love me.
ok, seriously. i need to find some crime to fight. or snacks. whichever.
uh huh, uh huh, i'm strutting my stuff. see the girl dressed like a princess? she loves her some eli spidey. she's diggin' the work boots.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

scanner photos, again

this one came out very nice. it's actually quite a large photo that i developed myself a year later in photography class. it was a color photo that i printed in black and white. you can read all of the graffiti on my number plate....i was a run d.m.c fan. still, credit travis mcgee for his fine photography skills. i was the one in photo classes, but every time he picked up my camera he took better photos than i did.

Monday, October 26, 2009

learned how to use scanner, watch out

i hooked up the scanner and did a few test scans on some cool old photos today. my friend from way back, kevin suttmoeller took this photo. it's from nashville, tennesse, at the nbl grand nationals. this is the quarter final. i'm the second guy in the photo from the right, in case you didn't see "tim" on my arm or didn't recognize the scowl. i had a pretty good start, it looks like. if you click on the photo and enlarge, you can see a guy sitting at the other end of the fence. that's actually brian patterson, of patterson fame.

i'm going to scan a lot more cool stuff. feel free to not look at them if they bore you.

surprise! tata nano has "issues"!

i've posted about this car and similar bargain basement cars that will eventually make it to our shores from india and china. i believe that i have also issued cautionary statements concerning buying the cheapest of the cheap. ladies and gentlemen...heed my warnings. this is not a cry of nationalism, nor a cry for protectionism, but a cry for rationalism: don't buy everything because it is the cheapest.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

2nd try, wabash, frisco, & pacific rr

first we had to fuel up with squishies and snacks. eli had two hats on to stave off the demons of the flu.
next, we had to wait in line for our turn on the cool trains.
here comes a train! it so cool to watch them blow off steam. all the sights and sounds of a full size rail way at a lower volume.
the tender serves as a good spot for a workman to sit.
notice the detail.
on it's way to the turntable to get turned the right way.
the red one is a diesel of some kind rather than a steamie. i wonder if he gets along with the other steamies, or if he's a mean, smelly diesel??
on the train and ready to go~!
the engine blows off a plume of steam.
the water tower. we watched the workmen fill up a couple of the trains while we waited.
and on down the line we go! the leaves and the weather were just right.
eli was full of questions.
hanna kept wondering when we'd see the zombies.
we waited in a siding while another train passed going back to the station. everyone waved!
some of the bluff views are spectacular.
over the trestle bridge. this is obviously a newer addition....
...because over in the weeds close by is the rusted hulk of the older trestle.
another shot of the old rusting trestle.
the diesel going the other way.
an very well kept old dodge in the parking lot.

a great outing, and a successful attempt at riding the trains. i would suggest to anyone that enjoys the outdoors or things mechanical to make the trip. it really is fascinating and so non-commercial. the website is:

big sister, hair stylist

if i don't keep my eye out for missing hair products (comb, hair gel, etc.) they will certainly end up in eli's hair, courtesy of big sister hanna. she likes to goof with his hair. here, she said she wanted him to look like a business man.
and this photo is just because she's beautiful.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

our attempt at the little short line railroad

first off, i'm not sure why the little general is giving me grief all the time now when i try to take his photo. especially since he has his bear, has on his thomas hat, and is going to ride the little steam trains in glenco.
he became happier when hanna hammed it up for the camera. then, naturally, he had to be in it.
there. by putting the camera backward over my head while i drove, i snapped this photo of hanna, sans the little general. i'm sure this is not a safe driving technique, don't try this at home kids.
the railway is so super cool it makes me giddy. the rails are 12" wide. the railway winds through some of the best terrain deep west county has to offer.
it's such a cool sight to get the scale of how big these things are. check out the workman, getting one of the steam engines ready for tomorrow's rides. yes, tomorrow. we were a day early. no rides for us today. so we decided to walk the al foster trail, and it was not hard to convince the kids to do so when i told them about al foster and zombie road.
we immediately caught one of the little engines on it's way down the tracks. they were blowing the leaves off of the railway.
a miniature version of what you'd see in a big rail yard. again, so cool.
we walked along the trail, which was towered over by these enormous bluffs. since it has rained so much lately, there were tons of cool streams coming off the bluffs.
a place to switch the points.
a cool tree that hanna wanted to be photographed next to.
aww, mommy and eli back at the parking lot.
a sweet photo of me with the oldest and youngest.
the beautiful mrs k and i getting a chance to have the rare photo of us together.
the al foster trail in sherman. the trestle area there is very cool.
full of graffiti, there is something very intriguing about railroad trestles.
the other direction, as it stretches out across the meramec.
little house on the prarie. or, just a cool farm house looking up into the fields from st. paul road in sherman.
next to the start/finish area of the last castlewood race there are quite a few homes edging up to the meramec. this old farm implement just sits in one of the yards. much cooler than a garden gnome, for sure.