Saturday, October 31, 2009

halloween at our house

first, there was the little halloween get together at the house for the kids on tyson's soccer team. eli and his friend izzy aren't on the team, but they were invited anyway. aren't they cute? what do you think about the rubber fireman boots that spidey has on? a better choice than the bob the builder work boots? is spidey a little schizophrenic concerning his footwear??

here are some of the boys on the team. a motley crew, aren't they? how'd the little guy get in this photo, too??

later on during the real trick or treating, we went through a neighborhood haunted house. really, a guy turned his garage into a mini haunted house, including smoke machine and scary fake human limbs on the walls.

hanna, enjoying some of the fruits of her labor. i think that's a hershey bar that she's nursing. she wore the beautiful mrs k's high school jazz recital dress. it was cool!

the beautiful mrs k huddling with the boys. i think she's concealing some chocolaty goodness in her mouth. tyson actually wore croc's with his ninja outfit. i don't think ninjas wear croc's at all, but i am also doubting that spiderman wears jammies underneath the spidey suit, too.

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