Wednesday, October 07, 2009

so many good things

there are so many good things going on around me right now. so why do i feel so down?

-seasonal? maybe. my knees sure know when the weather changes, and they don't have eyes.

-stuck in the house too much? yeah, that's a possibility. the business is doing well enough to move it out of the house soon.

-serious racing is over? could be. usually the lack of racing hits me later, like, when there isn't any racing.

-kids? sure. but they make me smile, too.

-getting old? nothing new.

-no V8 in my life? can't afford the gas, anyway.

-cloudy future? when is it ever clear?

-friends? can't keep up with them anyway. thank god for email.

-drink too much? coffee maybe. can't remember what alcohol tastes like.

-stupid? probably.


Scott said...

Drink a beer to refresh your memory and smile. Tis the season...

Jim said...

dude, maybe you need a night of remembering what alcohol tastes like!!!!!