Thursday, October 15, 2009

silly season tempered

all of the cycling rags call the fall the silly season...what with all the trades and contracts and whatnot. it's my silly season, too.

it seems that the fall is when i start thinking about what i'm going to change with my bikes. for 30 years, that's usually meant full bike changes, nay, usually two or three full bike changes before settling on something in the spring.

this year is quite a bit different. i was thinking that age had caught up to me and tempered my desire for change. but it's not that, i believe, because i'm just as rabidly excited by new bikes and stuff as i ever have. no, i think the fall of 2009 is different because i have found two bikes that i am utterly attached to. i truly believe that changing would be for the sake of change, not because it would bring about a better ride.

my 2001 fastback limited is just right. short of having a custom bike made replicating it's exact dimensions, there is no reason to change it. when it breaks, i'll change it. the superfly is just that, super. fits right, rides right, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

....all that said...there are a few nagging details about the 'fly that i addressed recently. the stock wheels were replaced today with some xt 29'ers, and i have my 2x9 setup nailed down.

there. done. great. let's ride.

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Schvonzie said...

You thinking new Electronic shifting for the Fastback?