Sunday, October 25, 2009

2nd try, wabash, frisco, & pacific rr

first we had to fuel up with squishies and snacks. eli had two hats on to stave off the demons of the flu.
next, we had to wait in line for our turn on the cool trains.
here comes a train! it so cool to watch them blow off steam. all the sights and sounds of a full size rail way at a lower volume.
the tender serves as a good spot for a workman to sit.
notice the detail.
on it's way to the turntable to get turned the right way.
the red one is a diesel of some kind rather than a steamie. i wonder if he gets along with the other steamies, or if he's a mean, smelly diesel??
on the train and ready to go~!
the engine blows off a plume of steam.
the water tower. we watched the workmen fill up a couple of the trains while we waited.
and on down the line we go! the leaves and the weather were just right.
eli was full of questions.
hanna kept wondering when we'd see the zombies.
we waited in a siding while another train passed going back to the station. everyone waved!
some of the bluff views are spectacular.
over the trestle bridge. this is obviously a newer addition....
...because over in the weeds close by is the rusted hulk of the older trestle.
another shot of the old rusting trestle.
the diesel going the other way.
an very well kept old dodge in the parking lot.

a great outing, and a successful attempt at riding the trains. i would suggest to anyone that enjoys the outdoors or things mechanical to make the trip. it really is fascinating and so non-commercial. the website is:

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