Saturday, October 10, 2009

burnin at the bluff

bad camera phone photo of the muddy's supposed to be glossy black.

well this year i guess we got a belt buckle. i say i guess because we didn't stay around to collect it. i did a "fast in the past" team with some friends of mine (combined ages of 120 or more for 3 riders) and we won. it was not without it's sacrifices. first off, i stand corrected, it was not the absolute muddy nightmare i supposed it would be. the trail was in miraculous condition. there were the confounded mud holes and water holes, but other than that and a few really slick spots, the trail was good.

i'm not a fan of these types of races. everyone else likes it, but i'm a bad rider against the clock. i need to see who i'm racing, i just suck at this. but john and justin turned in good times, i turned in some respectable laps, and the other extremely fast team we were fighting it out with had a couple of devastating mechanicals that sent them to the showers.

yes, my bike is a muddy, gritty mess, but that was after three 13.5 mile laps. it worked like a champ, and it looks like i'll have to find someone to attach my cool burnin' belt buckle to a belt. or, i could just put it on the shelf and look at it once in a while.

thanks to the mesa crew for putting on a fabulous race that gains popularity every year. even if i'm not any good at it.

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