Monday, October 26, 2009

learned how to use scanner, watch out

i hooked up the scanner and did a few test scans on some cool old photos today. my friend from way back, kevin suttmoeller took this photo. it's from nashville, tennesse, at the nbl grand nationals. this is the quarter final. i'm the second guy in the photo from the right, in case you didn't see "tim" on my arm or didn't recognize the scowl. i had a pretty good start, it looks like. if you click on the photo and enlarge, you can see a guy sitting at the other end of the fence. that's actually brian patterson, of patterson fame.

i'm going to scan a lot more cool stuff. feel free to not look at them if they bore you.


Jim said...

cool pic tk. now, you have to post some more mullet photos. we know you have them!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice gate start. Looks like the dude 3 doors down redlighted and is on his way over the bars. I hated when that happened. Is that Billy Griggs on your left on that "Z" frame? Good stuff. -Allen M.-

TK said...

jarrett justice on my left. from new jersey, i believe.