Saturday, October 24, 2009

our attempt at the little short line railroad

first off, i'm not sure why the little general is giving me grief all the time now when i try to take his photo. especially since he has his bear, has on his thomas hat, and is going to ride the little steam trains in glenco.
he became happier when hanna hammed it up for the camera. then, naturally, he had to be in it.
there. by putting the camera backward over my head while i drove, i snapped this photo of hanna, sans the little general. i'm sure this is not a safe driving technique, don't try this at home kids.
the railway is so super cool it makes me giddy. the rails are 12" wide. the railway winds through some of the best terrain deep west county has to offer.
it's such a cool sight to get the scale of how big these things are. check out the workman, getting one of the steam engines ready for tomorrow's rides. yes, tomorrow. we were a day early. no rides for us today. so we decided to walk the al foster trail, and it was not hard to convince the kids to do so when i told them about al foster and zombie road.
we immediately caught one of the little engines on it's way down the tracks. they were blowing the leaves off of the railway.
a miniature version of what you'd see in a big rail yard. again, so cool.
we walked along the trail, which was towered over by these enormous bluffs. since it has rained so much lately, there were tons of cool streams coming off the bluffs.
a place to switch the points.
a cool tree that hanna wanted to be photographed next to.
aww, mommy and eli back at the parking lot.
a sweet photo of me with the oldest and youngest.
the beautiful mrs k and i getting a chance to have the rare photo of us together.
the al foster trail in sherman. the trestle area there is very cool.
full of graffiti, there is something very intriguing about railroad trestles.
the other direction, as it stretches out across the meramec.
little house on the prarie. or, just a cool farm house looking up into the fields from st. paul road in sherman.
next to the start/finish area of the last castlewood race there are quite a few homes edging up to the meramec. this old farm implement just sits in one of the yards. much cooler than a garden gnome, for sure.

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Alicia said...

Where is that? I would love to take Dillon. Would you send the info to Jason? Thanks.