Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boss 302 Laguna Seca

as i pedaled over to the gas station at work today for some much needed caffeine, i saw one of these getting gassed up at the pump.  i gave the owner a big thumbs up and he waved back.  it's a mustang boss 302 "laguna seca". 

as much as i try not to be sucked into the special edition cars that automobile companies produce, i have so far been a sucker for the standard boss 302.  i love that car.  i have seen two or three of them, and i have lust.  before today, i have never seen a "laguna seca", the super duper special boss 302.  nor did i expect to see one except in maybe a car show some day.  hyper-special "special edition" cars sort of piss me off because they always end up in the hands of collectors. 

well, now i'm hot for the laguna seca.  it's everything that the boss is, only more.

and it still pisses me off.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

cape girardeau photos from andrew welker

here are some fantastic photos taken by ANDREW WELKER from the cape girardeau mountain bike race that took place a couple of weeks ago.  they turned out really well.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

i feel....

most people look forward to the weekends.  i look forward to going back to work because the weekends are so hard.  take today, for instance.

i rode my mountain bike at castlewood.  i felt adventurous.  then, i cleaned the garage.  i felt dusty.  then deanna and i went for a ride. i felt happy.  then i changed the oil in BOTH the flex and the mustang.  i felt oily.  after that, mrs k made chicken on the grill.  i felt cluck tastic. then i did mountains of laundry.  i felt like one of those women on the TIDE commercials during daytime soap operas.  then i did mountains of dishes.  i felt like i was working in a greasy spoon.  then i bathed eli.  i felt soggy.  now i'm pining for bed but i'm wide awake.  i feel out of sync. 

thank god for monday's.

Friday, September 09, 2011

gateway cup criterium action

god, i don't know why i do these anymore.  i have a GREAT time on tuesday nights doing the training crits, but real crits are just torture.  my fitness is bad this year, but my riding is worse.  just as my mountain biking has gotten better, my crit riding has gone to the dogs.  actually, my bike handling is great but my lack of aggressiveness, lack of power, and my inability to engage the race is killing me.

so, that's the bad news.  the good news is that brent newman takes good photos.  this was taken at st. francis park in the master's race on saturday and i'm sporting the white off-the-front racing kit.

next year will be different.  i will figure out my health issues or i won't race real criteriums.  simple.

Paintball is for tough people

 cousin max got together 20 of his closest friends for paintball.  somehow, i was one of those people.  we all gathered at the place on monday morning, and i had much joy finding out that it was about 500 feet from the famous supercross bmx track on missouri bottom road in bridgeton.  in this photo, we see the girls, hanna and bailey, getting suited up.  rather, we see their backsides.  in costume, they look identical.
 keith and tyson do not look identical.  tyson is a swarthy little guy, and keith is not.  but what keith lacks in smallness he makes up in enthusiasm.  he seems VERY excited to shoot people.
 aunt denise is showing the girls how to operate the paintball guns.  the girls were not thrilled about playing, but in almost every game, they were the last ones standing!
 here we can see some strategy in action.  the fields and small wooded areas were pretty darn cool for this type of thing.
 here, keith is firing for all he's worth.  in a few moments, he will be blasted in the buttocks by a paintball, a fact that i said over and over because it sounded so funny when using the voice of forrest gump.
 here we are after the first game.  from left to right, hanna, bailey, me, and tyson.  i am NOT happy.  i was hit in the ribs about 20 seconds after the game started.  my bruise has lasted 40,000 times longer than that game did.  hanna was the last one to get out this game.
 max and friend walking away from a job well done.
 tyson looked so small in all of his gear.  he played pretty well, though.
here, tyson is walking away from me.  i am fuming because 20 seconds into the second game i got hit on my bare shin.  that bruise has lasted 40,000 times longer than the game as well.  soon after this, i was hit in the face mask multiple times and i can still taste that goo. finally, i gave the gear to deanna and she had a great time.  in retrospect, she should have played the whole time.  i would have less bruising, both of the body and of the ego.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

some gateway cup photos

a kiss for good luck for the little guy on friday night at lafayette square. he was fired up for this one.
there would be no kiss for the older one. he's too cool for that.
eli had a tremendous start. then susan kubinak yelled "go eli!" from the sidelines and distracted him. you can plainly see that he is looking over to see what the heck she's yelling about.
then he regained focus and put on the turbos. believe it or not, this 5 year old just learned to ride a two-wheeler a few months ago and turned in 3 first place wins in the 5-6 year old category this weekend. way to go, eli!
tyson had a drag race with the guy on the left. two very conflicted styles. tyson's must have been a hair better, because that's how much he won by...just a hair. great job.
both boys with their build-a-bears. cool old chevy two-door wagon in the background, too.
tyson was trying to keep cool early in the day on saturday. it was HOOOOOOOOOOOT.
hanna, ever the sporty one, was also quite hot. until...
....just as the kids bike races were getting under way at st. francis, a deluge came and drenched the whole place. wind blew, thunder clapped....and eli came away with another epic win. the older kids were befuddled by the carnage, but came back on sunday to do a great job on the hill.