Sunday, September 11, 2011

i feel....

most people look forward to the weekends.  i look forward to going back to work because the weekends are so hard.  take today, for instance.

i rode my mountain bike at castlewood.  i felt adventurous.  then, i cleaned the garage.  i felt dusty.  then deanna and i went for a ride. i felt happy.  then i changed the oil in BOTH the flex and the mustang.  i felt oily.  after that, mrs k made chicken on the grill.  i felt cluck tastic. then i did mountains of laundry.  i felt like one of those women on the TIDE commercials during daytime soap operas.  then i did mountains of dishes.  i felt like i was working in a greasy spoon.  then i bathed eli.  i felt soggy.  now i'm pining for bed but i'm wide awake.  i feel out of sync. 

thank god for monday's.

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