Friday, September 09, 2011

gateway cup criterium action

god, i don't know why i do these anymore.  i have a GREAT time on tuesday nights doing the training crits, but real crits are just torture.  my fitness is bad this year, but my riding is worse.  just as my mountain biking has gotten better, my crit riding has gone to the dogs.  actually, my bike handling is great but my lack of aggressiveness, lack of power, and my inability to engage the race is killing me.

so, that's the bad news.  the good news is that brent newman takes good photos.  this was taken at st. francis park in the master's race on saturday and i'm sporting the white off-the-front racing kit.

next year will be different.  i will figure out my health issues or i won't race real criteriums.  simple.


Chris said...

Where's the Strong?

TK said...

it went bye bye.