Sunday, September 04, 2011

some gateway cup photos

a kiss for good luck for the little guy on friday night at lafayette square. he was fired up for this one.
there would be no kiss for the older one. he's too cool for that.
eli had a tremendous start. then susan kubinak yelled "go eli!" from the sidelines and distracted him. you can plainly see that he is looking over to see what the heck she's yelling about.
then he regained focus and put on the turbos. believe it or not, this 5 year old just learned to ride a two-wheeler a few months ago and turned in 3 first place wins in the 5-6 year old category this weekend. way to go, eli!
tyson had a drag race with the guy on the left. two very conflicted styles. tyson's must have been a hair better, because that's how much he won by...just a hair. great job.
both boys with their build-a-bears. cool old chevy two-door wagon in the background, too.
tyson was trying to keep cool early in the day on saturday. it was HOOOOOOOOOOOT.
hanna, ever the sporty one, was also quite hot. until...
....just as the kids bike races were getting under way at st. francis, a deluge came and drenched the whole place. wind blew, thunder clapped....and eli came away with another epic win. the older kids were befuddled by the carnage, but came back on sunday to do a great job on the hill.

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