Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cyclocross, the only way I know how

My 'cross season in 2011 immediately took a turn for the better when I started using my lightweight hardtail instead of a cross bike.  A number of factors probably contribute to this, but the biggest one is the fact that I ride a mountain bike better than I ride a 'cross bike.

So for the 2012 'cross season, I'm going deeper with the super light weight 29er hardtail.  This time around, it's a Felt Nine Race aluminum bike with a carbon fork and mostly XTR 2x10 components, with a bit of Dura Ace thrown in.  I'm doing Stan's Crest wheels with Geax Barro Race tires.  All told, I'm about a pound and a half lighter this year than last, somewhere around 19 pounds total.  That's lighter than plenty of the 'cross bikes, so there won't be any excuses, not that I need any excuses to lose badly.

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