Saturday, September 19, 2015

Car Watching - Noble M400

 I keep saying that Chesterfield is a great place to spot really cool cars.  Today's example is a Noble M400.  From the land that brought us fish and chips, the Noble is a mid-engined car that takes advantage of all that the world market can bring.  Namely, it puts a Ford 3 liter Duratec engine behind the seats.
 But it's not your dad's Duratec.  It has hotter cams...and two turbos.  And a ridiculously tall wing.
Those twin turbos give the wild little M400 more than 400 horsepower.  What's that, you say?  Lots of cars have 400 horsepower these days?  Sure.  But what do those cars weigh?  My guess is that they weigh a lot more than 2400 pounds, which is what the Noble weighs.  Do the math on that.  Zoom, zoom indeed.

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