Saturday, September 19, 2015

Council Bluff and the Spiders

 I took the chance on the beautiful Friday to drive down to Council Bluff Lake to ride the trails.  I arrived a bit before 11am and it was pretty much a ghost town.
 This time, I remembered cash and payed my fee with dollars instead of change, like last time.
The trail itself was in much better shape and I knocked off more than 5 minutes from my Burnin' Race Loop time versus last time I was here.  Look closely at this photo, though.  You'll see my huge frustration with this trip:  spiders.  Well, not exactly the spiders themselves.  The webs.  If I told you I had a thousand webs cover my face while I was riding, it's probably low-balling the total.  There were more spider webs than I have ever encountered riding mountain bike trails.  I must say at times there were spiders hanging from my helmet, my arms, my clothes, and my legs.  Now...I'm not particularly bugged by spiders, but I am not a big fan of them.  And no-way-no-how am I a fan of them hanging all over my body while I'm trying to negotiate rocks and logs and turns.  I was so creeped out and itchy when I got done that I took a bit of a shower at one of the faucets at the camp site.

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