Saturday, December 02, 2006

breakfast with santa

elijah couldn't wait to meet santa at the annual "breakfast with santa" affair at our church. he sat quietly while mrs k, tyson and i ate our pancakes.
tyson passed the time waiting for santa by getting raindeer food together to leave out on christmas eve for santa's rain deer. i think it's spelled reindeer. oh well. i'm a business major...

here, mommy and the boys huddle over what to do with the bag of reindeer food. pooper wants to eat it, tyson wants to play with it, and mommy thinks the reindeer should get it.

waiting for santa is not a high stress affair, as evidenced by poopers glee. he's in an extremely good mood at this point, and no reason to expect a meltdown.

well, not everyone likes santa. he seems like a nice enough guy, but anyone with a beard that long may have some hygene issues. pooper was fine until he turned around and saw all that white hair. we gave the ol' guy a break and took the kids off his lap.

traumatic experience behind him, pooper takes solace in dad's warm and comfy lap. i look like i could use a nap, too.

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