Monday, December 18, 2006

a happy ups and fed ex day

the fed ex guy dropped off a few boxes from orbea today, and one of those boxes contained the kaiser's new oiz frame. he's a closet orbea fan from way back, and has been leaching information from me since i got my oiz a few weeks ago. once he found out i really liked mine, he jumped on an '07. of course, his is the blue i really wanted, and of course, his is .06 lbs. lighter. if there is only one thing i have learned, it's that i'll always be one-upped by the king of the weight weenies, even if we buy the exact same parts!

besides the kaiser's bike, we received a couple more opal frames for customers, the last of the '06 frames. the more people see these things, the more they like 'em.

also dropped off were a couple of really cool wheels from mavic, 2 pairs of ksyrium ES's, and a cosmic carbone premium set.

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