Tuesday, December 05, 2006


i have already put too much time in on the trainer. that's a fact. i have been riding it a lot lately. on my snow-day from work i rode the damn thing twice! which forced me outdoors today...

i waited as long as i could for the day to warm a bit. warm is relative, from say, 26 to 29 degrees. then i had to hit it. i piled on the clothes, the pearl-izumi lobster gloves, the 15 year old trek booties, and mounted the homegrown. in my little mind, riding the homegrown insured that i wouldn't be able to go too fast, thus cutting down on the wind chill factor. later, my little frozen mind was wishing i had ridden hanna's speedster to cut down further on the wind.

it really wasn't too bad, except my face. i wore a worn out old balaclava and it didn't fit very tight around my face, thus allowing winter to fill the space where skin once lived. i rode a little more than 20 miles on this, my innagural below freezing ride. i'm going to be riding outside more, because the trainer is for the birds.

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