Wednesday, December 06, 2006

out on the town

sunday night the beautiful mrs and i went to a private party at Ziezo's in the loop. my friend jc's beautiful counterpart jenna invited us (partly because they like us, partly because they know we are shoe freaks). very cool store, and lots of cool people showed up, including matt l and kevin eubanks from the shizark. brian, of fingerbang fame, sent me THIS link. aren't we cute together??

also in attendance was rollergirl extrodanare, kerry s...she's the red head.

i bought some cool greenish colored diesel shoes and the beautiful mrs k got a pair of dark burgandy snake skin heels. the food was catered by mirasol and was darn good. of course, we only had a sitter for a little while and we left much too early. many thanks to the Ziezo crew for having us.

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