Sunday, December 03, 2006

caught by the $100 store again

today was c-c-cold outside. i know, i'm the master of the obvious.

today the beautiful mrs k and i undertook the task of house cleaning/organizing. it's not easy. we have our stuff, baby stuff, tyson's stuff, hanna's stuff, dog stuff, racing's a little overwhelming. in the midst of this, we had to break and take tyson to a birthday party.

we dropped him off at the bowling alley for the kids bowling party and headed to the dreaded $100 store, target. we needed a few simple things, and some less than simple stuff. we needed coat racks for the entry hallway and the laundry room. ok, not so bad, $15-$20 each. then we remembered that we were running out of formula for pooper. hmm. $25. then we needed a roladex, but settled for a very small file box. $4. out of bar soap. razors, too. calendar for important dates and such. bottle of water because i was parched. total: $114!!! what the?? thank god for the target gift card the mrs got for her birthday, which brought the total down below $100.

we were still early to pick up tyson from the bowling alley, so we took a drive. we drove along the route that i ride on lots of mornings before work. out eddie and park, robin road, rott road down to weber hill, gravois to old watson, up through tapawingo, back down to rott and up past laumeir sculpture park. deanna was psyched about the possibility of doing the ride with we have to make the time to do it.

did i mention that pooper was with us the whole time? yes, he napped from the time we got into the car today until we picked tyson up from the party. crazy little critter.

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