Sunday, December 24, 2006

it's chirstmas eve

do you have all your christmas shopping finished???

i'm sure most people, given an extension or two, could just go on and on. lots of people really like to shop for other people, and others feel the compusion to do so. myself? i can tolerate it as long as i can get in, get out, and be done. this waiting in line for an hour or searching for parking spaces for most of the day stuff is for the birds. what about those people that go shopping at 5am on the day after thanksgiving? the last thing i want to do that morning is get up. is it worth all that to save a few coins, or is it more about the hunt, the excitement of shopping?

i'm sure tomorrow when i get to rip into all the stuff with my name on it i'll be very happy that someone stood in line, waited for parking spaces, and shopped while i slept on the day after thanksgiving.

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