Sunday, December 31, 2006

position #611, peek a boo

or not. maybe his nose is just cold. i'll call this position #611. notice that the rosco and rocky relationship is less frigid than it used to be. they pal around in the back yard together, until rocky turns into a big sissy and has to come inside. i've never seen such a big dog be such a house dog. he gets really upset when he has to sit on the deck for a while before coming in. rosco still gives rocky the warning snarl if he gets too close, or tries to lay down RIGHT on top of him. rosco realizes that rocky thinks he's a little dog, and has to remind him: "hey, fat guy, what'r you doin'? there is barely enough room for me here, much less an 80lb. dalmation!"


Daniel B. said...

Happy New Year, TK! So, I did end up winning the musette bag! Bring it to work with you and I'll stop by sometime and pick it up... after I'm over this heinous cold that's laid waste to me. I left you a positive feedback, of course!

TK said...

what the hell? i was going to give it to you, knucklehead! i have two of them.