Sunday, December 17, 2006

another day out

this morning i put in 20 easy miles. they had to be easy, because i was draggin quite a bit from the whole week of output.

this was the first week in 2006 that i actually stayed with the program for a solid 7 days. m/w/f at the gym, t/th/sat/sun on the bike. sad, but true.

after picking up christin again in the afternoon, deanna joined me for an afternoon ride. this one was going to be a little longer, and i was really poopin' out. if she hadn't been game to ride, i wouldn't have gone. it was getting windy, i was tired, kinda crabby...but she gets to ride so rarely and it is the first time in quite some time we were able to ride 2 days in a row.

we rode down to the grant's trail trail head at orlando gardens. just as we got into a groove there, we saw an older gentleman with a flat on the side of the trail. as i was asking him if he had everything, he asked if i had a pump. "i sure do!" i helped him out and back on task we went. we took the trail all the way to the end in kirkwood, then through kirkwood, webster, shrewsbury, down to the river desperes trail and home. she was draggin' a bit, too, probably from overdoing it yesterday. the motto of the mrs. is simple: anything worth doing is worth over doing, and in this we really share a lot.

and then tonight, we took eli and tyson to a christmas party, where i ate way too many finger foods to even enjoy dinner. the kids got a surprise visit from santa. it was so funny to see their little faces. priceless.

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