Friday, December 08, 2006

like all parents

we like to take pictures of our little one's in funny or embarrassing predicaments. here, we have a plastic bowl on his head, just because it was funny. we were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes.

i think it's only natural to do this. my mom liked to dress my brother and i alike and film us with the old 8mm camera back in the '60's. there are some memorable scenes with both of us in sailor outfits. and then the sweater vests and bow ties. and of course, plenty of film and video of us stark naked. and some really bad stripes and plaid, bowl hair cuts, itchy church clothes, you name it.

what goes around comes around, kids.


Daniel B. said...

You see pictures of the new Audi R8??? Holy crappers!

Patrick said...

I always feel guilty when I take those pix of our kids...but I still do it. ;)

Could be worse...have you seen this? ...and my apologies in advance to the Ghisallo bosses for the massive amount of wasted surfing on Monday.