Sunday, December 24, 2006

another weeks end

even though today is christmas eve, it's still sunday and the end of my "training" week. while not as successful as last week, i have to say i'm pleased, if not incredibly worn out.

not worn out from riding and working out, worn out from princes elijah and tyson.

i only missed working out monday and wednesday, which is 2/3's of my workouts. i did manage to make it to the gym on friday, half-awake. my riding did not suffer, though. i rode tuesday at lost valley and thursday, though raining, i rode the homegrown for an hour. yesterday i repeated my loop down to 141 in fenton and back. even though i felt tired, i was going well. climbing marshall on the way home, i was TWO GEARS HIGHER at the same heartrate as last week. so much for sleep, right?

today, i made it out to the 'wood for a little off road action. the trail was in pretty good shape considering it is december and it rained as recently as thursday. i did the state championship loop, then out to the blue ribbon and back along the river. all said and done, it was about an hour and a half. i felt like a model T, but was riding like a shelby. i don't know how that happens. i ran into quite a few guys i know, like plochmeister, tank, tom albert, was fun to wrap up the day by pedaling around the parking lot on plochmeister's 29'er. i'll try one of those one day, but for now the oiz is the finest ride i could possibly get my hands on.

can't argue with a week like this in december.

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