Saturday, December 23, 2006

i really don't

have any use at all for a bike like this, but i wish i did. they are just so cool! time trial bikes in general are the coolest purpose built machines. they look like they are going 35mph just sitting there. this new ordu is going to a guy who has done ironman races on a normal road bike. i would imagine his times will go down and his comfort level will go waaaaaay up.


Daniel B. said...

There are some VERY cool TT bikes out on the market nowadays!! Mostly thanks to carbon wouldn't you say? That Orbea is sharp looking! I'll be honest and say up front that I don't much like (and am not very impressed), with the Scott Plasma as a high tech TT bike. The Trek TTX, Cervelo carbon P3, Giant T-mobile, Felt D3... ridiculous! Just stupid bikes - but awesome.

TK said...

i'm sure that fact that carbon can be made into whatever shape you want has made the latest crop of tt bikes even wilder. this thing came in around 18 pounds, which is pretty amazing considering my road racing bike last year was 18.5!!