Saturday, December 30, 2006

quite a day of riding

the day started EARLY. first, early means 2:30am, 3:30am, know, prince elijah needed tending to. second, early means a 6:30 alarm so i could meet the Ghisallo group ride at 7:30.

it hadn't been a successful week of riding for me so far. i got in an hour on the trainer on tuesday morning and less than an hour on friday on the homegrown just cruising. that's the result of having hanna most of the week. i didn't want to ride when i could hang out with her, so that's the way the cookie crumbles.

i got to Ghisallo with 10 minutes to spare. about 15-16 people showed up, including anthony "gold card" borth and mitch "the masher" johnson on his fixed gear. we were all super controlled today, as complaints have arisen about the saturday morning carnage. once hitting the turn around at st. albans, a few of us hit the gas and came back with a vengance. coming down osenfort, we met up with shawn o'neal, quite a masher himself, and it was on. about 5 of us put the pedal to the metal, rotating quite nicely. gold card gave up the ghost first. then the tri guy with 650 wheels. only three left. shawn was tearing our legs off, but we pressed on. then theo gave it, and it was mano a mano, me and shawn. not bloody likely i'm going to trade off blows with a masher like him. i held on all the way past rhombach's, but enough was enough and shawn was victorious. it was a great effort though. shawn, gold card and i continued on a bit and did a steve casper power loop, albeit slowly, around the valley to add about 30 minutes more.

but wait!

the beautiful mrs k was still game when i got home to do a mtn bike ride. problem: it was due to rain, and her bike wasn't finished. i couldn't fix the rain, but i've been known to turn a wrench or two, so i completed her brand new Oiz in record time. we jammed out of the house by about 2pm and lo and behold, the sun came out!

we rode at lost valley, and the conditions were perfect. i guessed pretty well on her sizing for the bike, and she's very happy with it. we had fun and she got in a great workout. lost valley is quite a bit more fun than it used to be.

but wait, there's more!

now we're trying to get ready to go out for the evening. how exciting. this must be how single people live all the time.


Fingerbang said...

Me and the boys were in the Destroyer truck (silver silverado with mountain bikes on back) at 7:15 a.m. on highway 40 in Chesterfield when a convertible Mustang with an Orbea on back came blasting by us in the fastlane at 95 mph.

I said, "Sweet Jesus it's T.K., catch him so we can flip him off or something!" But it was too dangerous. The truck's speedo only goes to a hundred.

Anonymous said...

The destroyer truck? Is that sort of like the A-Team van but gay?

TK, you have any #'s from the ride?


TK said...

whoa! that was you guys with the bikes on the back and a bike or two in the bed?? sorry for the fly by, i was running late!

we need to hook up and go mountain biking!