Sunday, December 31, 2006

pueblo solis

we ended our fine, fine day of adult entertainment yesterday with a great meal at our favorite mexican restaurant, pueblo solis on hampton in south city.

we have learned from previous visits that a special method of ordering is necessary to get the most out of the visit. 1) because they serve a plate of killer chips with 3 kinds of salsa, that must be taken into consideration when figuring out the amount of food you need. 2) because the appetizers are big and tasty, that must be taken into consideration, too. 3) because the meals are mexican, they are by nature heavy and you will either be full after several bites or they will roll you out the back door when you clean the plate.

taking all of this info has led us to a) feast on the chips and salsa, b) share an appetizer, and c) share an entree or share another appetizer. this approach worked very well last night and the missus and i didn't suffer any of the ill effects of a mexican food hangover.

mmmm, mexican....

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