Sunday, December 24, 2006

presents at work

jim and anthony and i spontaneously brought our gifts for each other to work on friday. in my usual thoughtless way, i couldn't think of anything uniquely personal to give the guys, so i bought them gift certificates to bread co. everybody likes to eat, and we all love coffee, right?? i felt bad, because they put some thought into my stuff.

jim and i constantly laugh about robert smigel's tv funhouse stuff. ace and gary are our favorite. jim is obsessed with it, of course. so, he bought the dvd for me. thumbs up. and, even though he makes fun of 'the stang' (i cringe at the word), he found a nice pictoral history of the mustang from it's inception to the current cars. two thumbs up.

anthony kept me in suspense, and even had to wrap the large box that arrived ups. when i opened it, i found something i have always needed, but would never buy: a creeper! yes! no more bruised shoulders after working under the car. this one even has an adjustable headrest. rock on!

great group i work with. next year i'll be a little more thoughtful.

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