Wednesday, December 06, 2006

current affairs

i'm not a fan of commenting on things that i have absolutely no real involvement in, and only have an opinon one way or another because of all the second/third/forth info on the web. opinions are so uninformed these days with the internet and the popularity of the latest wild speculation. but, i have to say something about the spanish doping affair.

the way the uci/wada/whoever has handled the spanish doping situation should never have happened the way that it has. these guys have been denied the chance to race, then approved to race, but then warned that they will be put on trail at a later date, then skewered in the press.

my questions:

1. does the (uci/wada/governing body of any type) really have concrete evidence against the riders, or is it using the time as a stall tactic to gather more evidence?

2. does the (governing body) have real evidence that it has obtained illegally, and therefore is stalling to find legal ways to present it?

i do believe that there is doping that goes on in the professional ranks...i believe it's a given. but my problem with the affair is this: the (you pick governing body) seems to NEED someone to be guilty, and WANT someone to be guilty, regardless of evidence. i fear for the sport as a world wide entity given that the (governing body) seems to be almost childlike in it's quest to "get those damn dopers!" i feel that even if it is found out that basso, ulrich, landis and everyone else who has been damaged by the allegations is found completely innocent, the (governing bodies) will just stand up and say "and you'd better stay clean, too!" and be done with it.

does anyone else feel that it's more like an evil stepmother running things than a world wide governing body?

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