Tuesday, December 12, 2006

riding and lifting

i've been getting some time in on the bike lately. i put in 25 miles on the opal sunday and another 30 miles in on the homegrown this morning before my car advertures. add to that the trips to the gym and i feel like i'm doing something again.
when i was younger, i was a muscle head. i started lifting weights at 14, and became quite serious about it by age 16. it was a must for bmx racing, and, like everything when i was young, i took it too far. i weighed 165 pounds at 17 and 180 pounds at 19. i won a bench press contest at age 19 at my local gym, bench pressing 360lbs., and then pressing my body weight 22 times. i had 18 1/2" biceps. that may not be big for real weight lifters, but not bad for a slightly built character like myself. i worked out 4 times a week in addition to all of my riding and running. somewhere along the line, i had to have my right shoulder and my left elbow operated on to correct damage done by the heavy lifting, probably improper lifting, too. now my lifting is much more sane. i don't even do bench press anymore. i only do movements that utilize core strength now.
my coworker anthony pointed out something pretty funny the other day. when he brought up the photo that mr. weiss has made famous (me, my vector and my mullet), he said i looked like i had a huge neck in that photo. well, yeah, i guess it was pretty thick.

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