Friday, December 29, 2006

indian summer is back!

i'm hoping that the rain holds off this weekend so i can get a lot of riding in. it's a true mystery as to why it's in the 50's on december 29th, but i'm not going to question it.

i had very little time this morning, but i was able to get in almost an hour before work. i broke out the neglected homegrown and pedaled around in the 37 degree morning. i was bitter. bitter because i knew the temps were going up and would probably be at a nice, comfy level about the time i was hitting the store. ah, well.

i pedaled around the hood, through some of the mismatched affton neighborhoods, and over across river desperes and then back home on the paved trail. not long enough, but better than nothing.

i want to hit the ghisallo group ride in the morn, but something tells me the rains gonna get me.

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