Sunday, December 10, 2006

but i didn't break a hip!

i fell on a small strip of ice on my front porch saturday morning. feet out front, flat on my back, baaaaaaammmm. i was walking outside to get a picture of the twerps sledding on our pathetic front yard "hill."

calling it a hill is a complete misnomer. it's the mound of ground that used to be home to our lovely dead tree. all that's left after handing the tree service guy a check for $750 is this little mound of ground. which, of course, is all my little twerps need to go sledding.

back to the tragically ridiculous fall...

i walked out onto the front porch, looking down at the camera instead of watching where i was walking. since the gutters are full of frozen water, the melting ice from the roof was pouring down onto the first and second step of the porch. there are only two steps. still only being 28 or 29 degrees or so, the falling water from the roof was freezing into black ice on the steps. which i stepped on.

it only takes a second to slip on ice. really, it takes a millisecond. and that's all it took for me to land all of my weight on my back and butt, on the ground and on the corner of the second step.

i yelped a bit. hanna asked if i was ok. i groaned something, and they went back to sledding on the mound. i crawled around for a second, sure i broke a rib, and found the camera. i rose, hobbled into the house, plopped onto the floor and groaned a bit more. deanna asked what was wrong, i told her, and she said i'd have to wait to die until she was through changing pooper's diaper. fair enough. a little later she spread some ice melt on the top step, reminding me that she had asked me to do it the night before, thereby floating the "i told you so" in a not so recognizable manner.

a few ibuprofen later, i was still groaning, but all parts were functioning. deanna messaged my back a bit, and i was fine. there is a nasty bruise on my pretty white butt, but other than that the only sore part is my neck. pain in the neck, however, can come from many other sources than a nasty fall on the ice....

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