Friday, December 01, 2006

grandparents: keeping the world warm and fuzzy for us all

of course, like everybody, we started off the day wondering if we were going to work. we didn't really get the snow that was predicted but there was plenty of ice to go around. trees broken everywhere, accidents, power outages, you name it.

grandma and grandpa didn't have power, neither did gus and max and family. we had power, so our house became the hotel de jour. most everyone has gone home to well-lit houses by now, so i guess ameren has been doing a bang up job. as a consequence, grandma cooked a fine dinner for us all. grandparents make everything better, no matter what seems to be going on in the world around us.

i drove deanna to work in clayton in the escape. man, that thing handles snow and ice like it's on rails. you really have to try to upset it or get it to slide...which i did, just a little. driving myself out to chesterfield wasn't so much an exercise in ice negotiation, but stupid-drivers-in-the-wrong-cars extravaganza. i'm here to tell you, i normally drive a pretty stupid car for snowy days. we only have 4-5 really slick days a year, so the other 360 days my car isn't so stupid. on those 4-5 days, i park it and get into the escape. i'm not an idiot. what part of stupid is so hard for drivers of the same type of stupid-snow-days-cars to understand??? if you drive a rear-drive car on ice, you aren't too smart. if you drive your lightweight, economy car 60+ miles per hour in the ice encrusted fast lane on hwy 40, you aren't too smart. physics just takes over and stupid gets what coming.

i bet you wouldn't find many grandparents driving stupid cars in stupid ways today.

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