Monday, December 25, 2006

splish splash

as we were trying to get ready for the trip to grandma's house for the big show, elijah was unattended for a few moments. one of his favorite destinations is the dogs bowls. his first conquest is to bang the little metal food bowls around. his crowning glory is always the water bowl, significantly larger and usually full of water. he is always apprehended before disaster strikes and the kitchen becomes kakouris pond.

here we see pooper, virtually swimming in the newly created kakouris pond. you can see the water bowl upended in the background. i was seated on the stool in the kitchen, eating a piece of cheese rolled up in a bit of smoked deli turkey. there was no need to panic or even react, as i had missed my window of opportunity to stop the creation of kakouris pond, and the turkey was exceptionally good today.

god made water, man made mops.

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