Monday, December 25, 2006

pictures before presents

when having more than one child pose for a photo, it's very difficult to sinc them all. i took 4 shots in rapid succession, and this was the best.
1. hanna is always ready for the camera. hollywood awaits.
2. max has taken on his role as lord of the flies quite nicely.
3. elijah has caught a glimpse of something shiny that he has yet to yak on. better get on that.
4. tyson has taken a dose of happy pills and won't come down for hours.
5. gus may be battling with his esophagus over whether lunch should stay down or make a surprise reappearance.


dms said...

LOOK AT ALL THOSE PRESENTS! Is it a image trick or are they really piled higher than the kids?

TK said...

they are piled higher than the kids and they are 6 or 7 deep, front to back. we joked that santa's sleigh had carpet bombed grandma's house.