Tuesday, April 10, 2007

the 'wood again

monday night i took the oiz to the 'wood for a good ol' fashion mountain bike ride. it was chilly, but the ground was dry and the trail was perfect.

i did the '06 state championship loop, adding the new roller coaster trail in going up grotpeter and going around the creek to go up lone wolf backward. it took about 40 minutes per loop, and that was enough. my legs were still sore from the yardwork saturday. sissy.

i did have quite a good time. the new trails at castlewood have made doing loops out there more interesting. you can really connect them in such strange ways as to make the place seem all new. ok, not all new, but at least interesting.

with the rain, it may be another week before i can get out again, so i'm glad i did it.

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